The Neuropsychopharmacology Lab at Columbia University

Featured Publication

Totality of the Evidence Suggests Prenatal Cannabis Exposure Does Not Lead to Cognitive Impairments: A Systematic and Critical Review

Ciara A. Torres
Christopher Medina-Kirchner
Kate O'Malley
Carl L. Hart


May 29, 2020

Our review on prenatal cannabis use and cognition featured in Forbes magazine

Our lab's recent review on prenatal cannabis use and cognition was featured in a Forbes magazine article titled, "Using Cannabis While Pregnant Does Not Impair Children’s Cognition, Decades Of Studies Suggest."


Interested in being a research participant for one of our studies?

RESEARCH VOLUNTEERS: Are you a recreational Speedball user? Heroin & cocaine? Opioid & stimulant?

Healthy female and male recreational drug users (age 21-55) needed to evaluate drug effects on mood and performance. This 8-session outpatient study is being conducted at Columbia University in the Department of Psychology. You may be compensated for your time up to $754. For more information, please call 212-851-4291. All personal and identifying information will be kept confidential.


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